Montag, 30. Januar 2023
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Global Industry: about Europe’s northernmost pizza factory

Bremerhaven. (bm) Pudasjärvi is a city in the north of Finland with just under 8’000 inhabitants. The administrative city area is very large with 5’867 square kilometers, but also sparsely populated. Lapland begins north of Pudasjärvi. The nearest large city in the southwest is Oulu at the Bothnian Gulf, about 80 kilometers away. The center of Pudasjärvi is 130 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle. The town’s attractions include its nature, the 432-meter-high Iso-Syöte – and the northernmost pizza factory in Europe. The factory has a long tradition, reports Apetit Group PLC, to which the plant has belonged since 1998. The reason was/is the news that the Finnish group wants to renew the factory and its pizza range. Hopefully, the group does not renew too much, because the typical Northern European toppings can be – as they are – inspiration for every pizza maker in the world. Other topics of the week:

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