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Symposium: Bread Promotion Activities in Europe

Brussels / BE. (fedima / aibi) A day dedicated to learning about the importance of bread, being inspired by campaigns, sharing best practices, and more. The event brings together all partners in the bakery sector to discuss ways to promote the bread category across Europe.

Programme outline

Part 1 – Perspectives on bread and its promotion opportunities. This session will give participants background information and introduce several perspectives on bread in the diet as well as the challenges linked to bread consumption. In addition, the organizers want to talk about the specific EU policy to promote agricultural products and how this could benefit the bread sector in particular.

Part 2 – The different bread campaigns in Europe. Get inspired by other bread promotion activities across Europe! The aim of this session is to show participants what promotion possibilities are out there, even on a small scale. Projects and learnings from different countries and/or regions will be presented.

Part 3 – Workshop: setting up your bread promotion campaign. The organizers will set up breakout sessions to brainstorm about potential bread promotion campaigns. Participants will have an opportunity to sit together with potential partners in the bakery supply chain to exchange views and ideas for the launch of promotion activities.

The event takes place on 18 April 2018 in Martin’s Hotel EU, Boulevard Charlemagne 80, 1000 Brussels, Belgium. For more information please visit

About Fedima

Fedima is the European Federation of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Ingredients to the Bakery, Confectionery and Patisserie Industries. The members are national associations across 13 EU Member States. Fedima helps their members to have access to an EU single market in order to facilitate their business activities within the European Union. Whenever requested, the Association also provides expertise to EU institutions on items related to bakery ingredients.

About AIBI

AIBI, the International Association of Plant Bakers, was founded in Paris in 1956. At present, 16 national member organizations are affiliated. The association’s headquarters have been established in Brussels Grand Place since early 2011. AIBI holds contacts to key Members of the European Parliament and the European Commission services. The association’s presence in Brussels also facilitates collaboration with other chain partner associations located in Brussels. AIBI’s key task is to represent its members’ interests, especially vis-à-vis European and international institutions (EU Commission, European Council and European Parliament).